Political analysis and risk measurements are among the basic parameters in securities pricing in terms of financial markets. The most vital or voluminous financial instruments of some countries are priced with these political risk measures.

What is not measured cannot be reaped, and what is not reaped cannot be improved.

Political decision is at the centre of political analysis. At the centre of political stability, the determination of the decisions, the political power and its regularity of changing hands come to the fore in the centre of the political order. While the political analysis is directed towards the decision and its deliberative-competitive architectures, the political stability is concerned with the stability of decisions and their content. The political decision is appropriateness and efficiency oriented. It contains many relations and elements regarding technical, strategic and daily life, from the heavy to the very simple and from the domination to the management in its political decision content. The main direction of political stability is beyond consistency-integrity-harmony: The function of stability is central in ensuring that the founding and maintaining dynamics of the political system are parallel to the requirements of the time. Therefore it needs to be measured. The one that cannot be measured cannot be reaped, cannot be improved upon.