Political and economic instability has grown in volume today. Political and economic instabilities made it difficult to form expectations for the future.
It is possible to evaluate the interaction of negatively affected instability factors with each other, by having robust methods and a timely evaluation.
Risks must be measurable and comparable with the correct methods to make healthy decisions.
The political system should have the will to achieve political stability and at the same time be equipped in terms of human-material resource-legitimacy and authority parameters-relatively strong.
Political analysis, which can fulfilled all this issue above, can rank the political risks after this stage.
As can be seen, the rating is not only influenced by the series of political facts itself, but by its positioning against the whole of the political system, the relative strength of the political system and its variability.
Sequencing is dynamic as it is flexible and should not go far from reasonable.
Our company regularly publishes the Political Risk Monitoring Report every year.