Risk, is the widening of the difference between targeted goal and the probability of reaching that goal. This is risk in life that is ordinary and that belongs to individual. However political risk description needs explanation. The difference between result-possibility of the individual and his/her grouped decisions that are formed naturally can be eliminated, transferable, postponable, and storable. Or the meaning/value of these differences can be changed.

Politics, since it is made for others and for others’ benefits, its wrong decisions can be costly or with great and substantial consequences.

Accordingly, basic political risk can be described as follows: Losing its independence or independent decision making capability of the system, is basic political risk. Losing its independence means it to be stuck/bound, for instance, to economy, or to one sidedness of certain segments, to religion or its operations, to moral-cultural-solid ideological molds, to foreign political or various other engagements, to individual-group closed loops, etc.

Such lost is not conclusive nor one directional. There may be lost in some areas, while gain in some other areas. What is meant is the destruction of political independence and of decision making capability of everyone through a situation of being stuck in/bound to a particular area.

Briefly, politics should eliminate the risks it encounters in terms of enabling today the obvious good in future or should be able to keep those risks under control. Eliminating political risks is about the means and the capabilities. It is imperative to obtain these means and capabilities in terms of philosophically-thoughtfully-conclusively-institutionally and also to obtain practicality and resources. Such provision and protection, in terms of eliminating political risk, necessitates a certain power-balance, and analysis should also consume this issue.