Our corporation publishes Political Stability Index (PSI) with the title of “Fovea Oberaza” in Turkiye which has international standards, and which depends on academic supervision daily and punctually at 14:30. Our index, which depends on written and official “Basic Status” and academic supervision, is able to present daily the rates of similar international studies which are declared several months later.

PSI, affiliated content, 9 sub sector rates and charts, risk themes, political analysis methods quantified with interim and periodical reports are presented to clients, depending on tested processes with objective and reasonable measurements.


  • To survey, evaluate, compare and plot
  • Political stability in Turkey
  • Political performance of governments
  • Political supports of government or political parties that compose it
  • Levels and changes in opinions of columnists upon government

By the way,

  • To transform these into a mathematical criterion and to make them observable.
  • To make political stability and other measurements also an evaluation area
  • To be able to become a prominent reference and indicator for media and academic platforms.


First difference of this index out of similar ones prepared in abroad is that it takes being legitimacy-democracy oriented as “decision making-action”. Second is its balancing “adaptation-balancing” powered approach with procedures powered by “expression-participation-clearness”. The third difference is that it makes diversifying effects of individual or common terrorist actions controllable by concentrating their frequencies or fixing them onto evaluations.


  • Four indexes are going to be created both together and separately.
  • These four indexes are: “Political stability”, “Political support”, “Political performance”
  • Political Stability Index is ready and it is going to be published firstly
  • Substructure of government, faithfulness in principals and methods of relaying of legitimacy and solidity of these come first. Harmony of foundations, political stabilities of government and governmental offices, stability of political implementations and their assimilation percentages, effects of domestic and foreign violence events to political stability, both direct and indirect effects of domestic or foreign economical developments to political stability are comprised by this topic.

Form of Presentation

  • Continuously updated four indexes are represented as charts and rates via e-mail. Beginning will be done with Political Stability Index.
  • Mathematical ratings and news resources on which indexes rely are not allowed to be analyzed.
  • In cases of declaring the rates or changing of evaluation principals, declaring or not declaring these are up to S Informatics and Consulting.
  • Sement Consulting holds evaluation principals and changes back with reasons by means of notary.
  • Declaring periods of indexes are daily, weekly and annual. Indexes are sent to clients at the same time in a previously determined day and time of a week or month.

Commercial Presentation

  • Indexes are billed only to people or corporations who signed up the contract with Sement Consulting over the price expressed in contract.
  • Clients are permitted to use these indexes however they desire in their commercial applications. But they are not able to publish these charts and rates in media, internet or in a similar platform.
  • Legal rights of Political Stability Index are protected and observed.
  • All procedures are reviewed academically apart from Sement Consulting.


  • Observation and evaluation facility: It is obviously hard to estimate affairs by observing political developments and commentators daily. Political Stability Index (PSI) helps you at this point. Aim is not a complete substitution of observing person or institution. Assignment of “political value” in measurement, compare and pre-declared principles make you to get ahead doubtlessly. Partnership will increase prolificacy on account of observation and evaluation latest developments and it will create commercial opportunities with perception and evaluations.
  • Realization: Everything is going to come real ultimately for both observer and observed actors in observation and evaluation of political developments. But, affairs may become far away from real in short periods. PSI allows you to estimate and evaluate things easier in this point.
  • Attracting attention: Tendency and interests of public may bring about deficiency in observing some serious developments. Some cases that are accessible through Gazette or certain documents may be regarded as secondary. PSI increases weight of these cases with its model structure.
  • Manipulative cases: It should not to be forgotten that statements of an only political actor may be used in news on the contrary way. These kinds of news are taken by sieves of model easily. It is a well-known fact that positive-negative content of news are tried to be rendered as permanent through ideological resources.
  • Strength and objectiveness: Gaining power means not to become distant from real agenda due to foreign affairs and specific cases and not to lose universality that our perception needs. On the other hand media is becoming a side or subject of politic battle day by day. It is really hard to find out real political facts in such a divided platform.