S Informatics Consulting is a political risk analysis center and produces the world’s only daily political stability index for Turkey. Our political stability index, Fovea Oberaza, is an up-to-date and accurate measurement of Turkey’s political stability as well as a detailed political analysis of the country.

Turkey is a key player internationally as well as an emerging market of major importance. At the same time, however, its uncertain political situation impacts its markets with sometimes alarming speed. As such, we seek to help international companies and investors operating in or seeking to enter the Turkish market, by providing objective daily analyses and ratings of the country’s political stability.

Our Political Stability Index (PSI) is written to the highest international academic standards and is published daily at 14:30 in both Turkish and English. The index presents, on a daily basis, content relevant to that day, of an amount that most international studies are not able to produce until several months later. Our clients receive the PSI, its associated content, rates and charts for nine sub sectors, risk themes, and our methods of political analysis quantified with interim and periodical reports. Our content is based upon tried and tested processes, which use clear and objective measurements.

The index was published in the hard copy of the Hürriyet Daily News with a one week delay, every Monday from 2008 to 2010, under the management of Mr. David Judson. Over the years, many Turkish and foreign prestigious media organs have drawn on our reports, including The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Since 2002, we have been working with ‘real time’ data and since 2010; we have been using our own independently-developed model, based on two four-year studies, which measures political processes and events across nine sub sectors. Our model is more finely-calibrated and sensitive than that of its international rating-measurement competitors; moreover, we pride ourselves on our objectivity and impartiality. The PSI is presented graphically and provides our customers with uncomplicated access to Turkish political risk measurements and figures long before our competitors.

We are currently in the process of testing versions of our model modified and calibrated for both Iran and Russia. We now publish a weekly Iranian PSI, although this comes with the proviso that it is still in the testing stage. We are seeking to expand our model to rate 24 countries around Turkey and in the wider region.

If you are interested in our “political stability index” and “political stability analysis” for both Turkey and Iran, please contact us.